Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


The current selling for ordinary membership is RM 60,000 and corporate RM 70,000 whilst membership transfer fee is RM6,000. Transfer fee between spouses or to a child is RM1,000. New members pay RM1,000 to club development fund a refundable security deposit of RM500.

Payment can be made by cheque, credit card /Auto-debit or via online. For cheque and online payment It is vital that the date, amount, payee name and membership number is informed to the Club. Unidentified payments will not be processed.

1. UOB Bank : (click to pay). 
Method : Service Provider > Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia 

2. CIMB Bank : (click to pay). 
Method: Bill Payment > Clubs Membership > Kelab Rahman Putra 

3. RHB Bank : (click to pay). 
Method: BillPay > Open Payment > Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia

Yes, with the exception for F&B which exercises cashless system ( via credit card or any bank card).

The Club will send a monthly statement of account by the second week of the following month. Members have the option of requesting the e-statement. All charges appearing on the monthly statement is due for payment by the following month, e.g. 31 January Statement balance is due on 1 February and payable before 29 February.

Members who wish to receive statements via email, please send an email with your full name, membership ID & a valid email address to Our accounts department will then update in the system, and a notification will be sent to the registered email address.

The monthly subscription is billed in advance under the monthly statement of previous month otherwise it becomes overdue.

Monthly charges unpaid after 30 days – Overdue, and Late payment charge of 1% applies on the balance.

The statement balance is due on the first day of the following month. a) If unpaid after the month - Overdue. b) Overdue reminder Letter will be sent to pay within 14 days. c) If not paid during the Reminder Period - Defaulter. d) Defaulter Letter will be sent to pay within 28 days . Members in default will be barred to patronize all the facilities including F&B and the names are posted on the notice board. e) If not paid after 28 days - Suspension. Suspension Letter is sent. The members have the option to transfer the membership within 12 months or choose to reinstate with a fee of RM 500. Membership is deemed termination after 12 months.